Most couples get together with the notion that they will stay together forever but this usually isn’t the case. In the beginning of any relationship you will see an enhances feeling of love affection and the desire to be with the one by your side. But, usually when you tie the knot to get married, the veil of illusion slowly fades away and things become more clear between you and your partner.

As the years go by, couples find themselves in a boring or unhappy marriage that they can’t seem to get out of. This may be due to the current situation or circumstance, that may or may not involve money, children or lack of affection. Common and usual routines start to kick in and before you know if, you don’t even know how you got together in the first place, right? Well, this is the attitude of many couples that already have had years go by in their marriage.

We ask ourselves if it is right to stay because it is financially convenient or because of the kids. These are indeed very good questions to ask because the result of any divorce, can cause more pain and despair to an already conflicted situation. The unknown is what thwarts the minds of most couple that have an idea of divorce in their minds. What will happen to me, my future and my kids?

Some couples even go to bed at night pondering the idea of surviving the next day. Do you really want to live like that? You must ask yourself if you are happy in your life. What made you marry your partner in the first place? There must have been some magic and memorable event that was shared between the two of you, right? So, what happened?

Have you totally given up and are ready to make new and exciting choices when it comes to your new life? Have you thought about the kids and how they will be manipulated and controlled by your ex or whomever has custody of them? Yes, this happens and usually fathers are caught up in the middle of it with no power or control at all. This is what happens in these situations. If you are considering divorce, consider the option of compromise and making up. You can avoid a whole lot of issues if they are dealt with properly and with care.